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Acccess Washington


  • Sheri Jeanne Tonn, Chair


  • Timothy J. Farrell, Public Member

  • Capt. Jason Hamilton, Public Member

  • Andrew Drennen, Polar Tankers, American Shipping Member

  • Capt. Mike Ross, Westwood Shipping, Foreign Shipping Member 
  • Capt. Michael Anthony, Puget Sound Pilots, Pilot Member

  • Capt. Sandy Bendixen, Puget Sound Pilots, Pilot Member

  • Nhi Irwin, Dept. of Ecology Member


  • Eleanor Kirtley, Green Marine, Marine Water Environment Member


  • Albert Wang, Assistant Attorney General

General Information:





The Board of Pilotage Commissioners was created by the 1935 Legislature and includes members who are appointed by the Governor, confirmed by the Senate and serve staggered four-year terms. The members include a designee of the Director of Washington State Ferries, who is the chairperson, (2) public members, (1) American shipping representative, (1) foreign shipping representative, (2) licensed Pilots, (1) environmental member, and (1) Department of Ecology member.

The mission of the Board is to ensure against the loss of lives, loss of or damage to property and vessels, and to protect the marine environment by maintaining efficient and competent pilotage service on our State’s inland waters.

The Board develops and proposes statutory language for legislative adoption to ensure safe and compulsory pilotage, adopts rules to administer State pilotage laws, and enforces pilot and public adherence to the Pilotage Act, which may include discipline and/or prosecution of violators. The Board also administers testing, training and licensing of marine pilots, and establishes standards for reporting and investigating incidents involving state-piloted vessels.